Pro Wrestling

Show times are 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm on Saturday 17 February 2024

Adventure for the whole family!

Escape to the amazing world of IWA Pro Wrestling, It’s a family fun action packed live show. It’s body slamming, bone crunching non stop sports entertainment. International Wrestling Australia (IWA) is dishing out more fun, more action and more excitement than has ever been seen in the 100+ year old Australian pro-wrestling circuit.  Above and beyond the standard live sporting event this adds elements of theatre and comedy, IWA’s live shows are action packed and exceedingly entertaining. They have performed at hundreds of venues across Australia.

The men and women who create the performance team of International Wrestling Australia are indeed entertainers but their strength and durability is far beyond that of your average actor or musician. At 250 pounds plus, these men (and women) take up to half hour of being jumped on, thrown down, pushed over and kicked and still have the strength to pick each other up and then do it all again the following night.

“We offer a fantastic live action adventure show for all ages” Perhaps the biggest difference between pro-wrestling and ‘real’ sport is that pro-wrestling openly admits to glorifying characters and embellishing storylines, says promoter and wrestler Mark Mercedes who is a 25 year pro wrestling veteran who has wrestled for WCW in the USA & major companies in Japan and Europe. Mercedes adds ‘IWA Pro Wrestling has been Australia’s #1 in sports – entertainment for the past 11 years and is often referred by many venue managers as “Australia’s hottest live touring act”. IWA’s success has surprised many and really revived pro wrestling in Australia’ 

Want to experience it? Everyone is welcome!